Prof. Dr. med. Eckart Rüther

Departments of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
Georg-August-University Göttingen

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General qualification for university entrance, Humanistic secondary school, Paderborn/Germany

1959 - 1965

Academic studies in medicine, philosophy, psychology, Munich University (LMU),
University of Montpellier (France), University Hamburg Eppendorf

1964 - 1967

Assistant at the Department of Neurochemistry, Max-Planck-Institute for Psychiatry, Munich, (Prof. Dr. N. Matussek)


Medical state examination, LMU München


Medical Dissertation "Antriebssteigerung und Hemmung durch Antidepressiva" (LMU)



1967 - 1969

Medical practitioner, general practitioner's office, Borgholz, Westfalen

1969 - 1970

Military service, medical officer, Erding


Assistant at the Department of Neurology, Technical University Munich (Prof. Dr. A. Struppler)

1972 - 1977

Scientific Assistant, Department of Pschiatry, Munich University (LMU)
(Head: Prof. Dr. H. Hippius)

Academic career

1977 - 1982

Assistant medical director, Dept. of Psychiatry, Munich University (LMU)

1982 - 1987

Managing assistant medical director, Dept. of Psychiatry, Munich University (LMU)


Habilitation treatise "Wirkungsverlauf der neuroleptischen Therapie", Munich (LMU)


Professorship (C3) for Psychiatry, Munich(LMU)


Appointment C4 professorship for Psychiatry, Lausanne University (France)


Appointment C4 professorship for Psychiatry, Göttingen University

1987 - 2006

Chairman and head of Dept. of Psychiatry, Göttingen University

1988 - 2006

Chairman of the Center for psychological Medicine, Göttingen University

1993 - 1995

Dean of the Medical Faculty, Göttingen University

2002 - 2010

Management of the Institute for Pharmaceutical Drug Safety in Psychiatry, Munich (LMU)
Since 2010: 2. Chairman of the institute


Professorship Bremen University (NESSY project)

2010 - 2013

Drug safety head officer, Merz, Frankfurt

since 2006

Medical practice for psychiatry and neurology (incl. couples therapy and sleep medicine), Munich

since 2014

Prosomno, Sleep Medical Center Munich


More than 700 manuscripts in peer-reviewed scientific journals (incl. Nature Genetics, PLoS, Journal Clinical Psychiatrie, Stroke, Schizophrenia Research, Molecular Psychiatrie, Sleep)

Several book chapters; Author/Editor of 15 books, including edition of "The substantiality of dreams" in several volumes (commented anthology)

>700 scientific lectures; >600 lectures at other events

Co-production with channel 3-Sat of the 6 piece series "Expedition into Psychiatry"

Focal points


Foundation of the first clinical sleep laboratory in Germany (Munich)


Foundation of the initiative "Drug monitoring in Psychiatry (AMÜP)" (funded by BGA)

1984 - 1986

2. Chairman European Sleep Research Society (ESRS)


Foundation research group "Clinical sleep centers"

seit 1987

Constitution of Dept. for Psychobiology of psychiatric diseases with multimodal research approaches
Management and accomplishment of more than 50 pharmacotherapeutic studies with and without involvement of the pharmaceutical industry

seit 1989

Constitution of a scientific and clinical cooperation of Asian and German gerontopsychiatric institutions, foundation of memory clinics in China and Vietnam


Foundation of the German Society for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine (DGSM)


Foundation of the institute for Pharmaceutical Drug Safety in Psychiatry (AMSP), with Swiss and Austrian participation

1998 - 2006

Chairman Ethics Commission and ombudsman, Göttingen University

seit 2000

Foundation and management board member of the research association "Competence Network Dementias" (BMWF)

seit 2005

Membership ENCePP (EMA, London)

seit 2007

Constitution of the international research association "healing architecture" (together with Prof. Nickl-Weller, Berlin University)


Formulation of the affect hypothesis of dream functions

seit 2008

Realization of a comparitive study of antipsychotics in the treatment of patients with schizophrenia, funded by the BMWF (NESSY project)

seit 2012

Membership HTA Task Force (EMA, London)

Memberships in Editorial Boards/Edition of scientific journals (presently or earlier)

Publisher and Editorial Board Member of at least 6 scientific journals (e.g. Pharmacopsychiatry, Psychopharmakotherapie)

Founder and Co-Editor of the scientific journal "Somnology"

Memberships/Presidencies of medical scientific associations (selection)

Chairman of the following associations: AGNP, AKS, DGSM, ESRS

Member in more than 10 psychiatric associations